Forest jobs support BC communities
BC’s forest sector is locally grown
For over a century, British Columbia’s forest industry has been foundational to the provincial economy, generating billions of dollars in government revenues, putting paychecks in people’s pockets, helping small businesses pay their bills and supporting a better quality of life for British Columbians. While BC’s economy is constantly evolving and diversifying, forestry’s role in the economy remains very important to this day, and the future is bright.
Jobs to be proud of

The forest industry is one of the highest paying industries in the province and directly employs about 50,000 people across BC, including more than 5,300 Indigenous people. BC forest workers are proud to take care of the forests they work in and produce products that are a good choice for the planet.

In addition, the forest industry supports about 30,000 indirect jobs by buying things like equipment and high-tech tools from thousands of local companies. They also hire people working for businesses big and small to provide a whole range of services from doing repairs, to moving their products to providing environmental consulting.

The industry also supports 23,000 induced jobs in business – for example, restaurants or corner stores where workers employed by forest product companies and industry suppliers spend their paychecks in their local communities.

Investing in BC's future

Between 2010 and 2019, BC forest product companies invested $14 billion on their operations and in repair and maintenance activities to upgrade equipment and add capacity to produce more of the sustainably produced, low-carbon products that are in demand around the world.

Forest product companies also spend a significant amount of money to keep forests healthy, plant trees and keep our air clean. This includes investing in new technologies that help operations use less energy, fuel and water and reduce their carbon footprint.

Big economic impact, better quality of life for British Columbians

According to our 2019 Economic Impact Study, BC’s forest industry remains a top economic driver in the province – with benefits flowing to people and communities in every region. The provincial forestry sector generations over $13 billion in GDP annually and contributes $4 billion in payments to municipal, provincial and federal governments. This revenue helps governments pay for healthcare, education, affordable housing and other services British Columbians count on.

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