The BC Council of Forestry Industries (COFI) has officially launched COFI Connect, a new data platform tailored for the forestry sector. This service will offer users a comprehensive view of British Columbia’s forest industry and beyond.

Designed to provide up-to-date insights and analysis, COFI Connect is equipped with an array of features aimed at supporting informed decision-making within the forestry community. Central to its offerings are a series of specialized dashboards, including live data on Canadian Softwood lumber exports, various forest product exports, BC Harvest billing data, and Softwood lumber production.

In addition to the existing dashboards, COFI Connect will soon launch a new dashboard focusing on employment and labor productivity metrics, further expanding its suite of tools.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data sets, COFI Connect aims to become a valuable resource for industry professionals, policymakers, and researchers alike. The platform is available to COFI members, and non-members can subscribe for access.

For more information about COFI Connect and to explore its features, visit: COFI Connect | Council of Forest Industries


Kurt Niquidet
Chief economist