Vancouver, BC – BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) President and CEO Linda Coady released the following statement in response to new measures announced today by the BC Government on old growth: 

“Today’s announcement includes positive steps towards putting the necessary investments, frameworks and relationships in place to advance how old growth forests are conserved and managed in the province.” 

“In addition to important capacity funding for Indigenous Nations and the First Nations Forestry Council, actions being taken to accelerate the old growth review process will also support land use planning at the local level. Strengthened Indigenous and local engagement on land use planning at the regional level will help ensure goals for forest health and biodiversity are met while also creating more predictability for workers, communities and forest-related businesses across BC.”  

“More broadly, and as important conversations about the future of forestry continue to take place around the province, COFI will continue to work with government, Indigenous organizations, communities, labour and others to implement the measures announced today and deliver the benefits that sustainable forestry and renewable products can create for people and the planet.”  

– 30 –

About the BC Council of Forest Industries 

The BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) represents the majority of lumber, pulp and paper, and manufactured wood producers across the province – an industry that remains a cornerstone of the economy, supporting good jobs and a better quality of life for British Columbians. 

COFI advocates for the interests of its members and works with government, First Nations, communities, labour and other partners to promote a healthy, diversified, and sustainable forest industry that benefits people and families across BC. In addition to corporate members, COFI also provides Quality Control services to a broader group of companies. 

Guiding us in the work we do each day is our Statement of Sustainability Commitments and Statement on Reconciliation. 

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