2017 Convention



Our Forest Education Manager is excited to bring several 20- to 45-minute lessons to your virtual classrooms.


What you’ll learn:

Careers in the Forest Industry

Are you interested in science or math? Using machines or making cool stuff? Passionate about the environment? We’ve got a spot for you!

Forests, Forest Products and Climate Change

Did you know that forests and the products we make are playing a huge role in fighting climate change? That’s right and we can’t wait to tell you more.

BC’s Forest Industry – Cornerstone of the Economy

We go back a long way. And we’re always learning and changing the way we do things. Learn more about our rich history, sustainable forestry, and how we’re a key part of our economy.

BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic

It’s hard to imagine, but the tiny Mountain Pine Beetle had an awful impact on our forests. Learn more about how this insect made history.

Create your own course!

If you’ve got an idea for a lesson topic, we’re all ears! Let us know and we’ll work with you to create something special and engaging.

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