On January 19, 2018, COFI submitted comments regarding the draft Section 11 Conservation Agreement for Southern Mountain Caribou.

As a world leader in sustainable forestry, the B.C. forest sector plays a role in supporting caribou recovery and survival. The B.C. Government and the forest industry have taken unprecedented action to sustain caribou herds in British Columbia, but populations continue to decline.

COFI members have been engaged in caribou management for many years, and have supported the provincial government in the development and implementation of the Mountain Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan (MCRIP) and the Peace Northern Caribou Plan. In addition, member companies have incorporated caribou management and values into forestry plans and day to day forest activities.

In its submission, COFI outlines the need for science based decisions that account for multi-species habitat and all values across the landscape. The submission emphasizes the need to analyze socio-economic impacts of pending decisions as well as the application of realistic/practical tests to population objectives and targets for caribou.

COFI also submitted a letter to Hon. Catherine McKenna and Hon. Jim Carr regarding caribou protection strategies in BC in August 2017.

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